30 day positivity challenge

30-Day-mental health-Challenge

I’m sure you see in all these health and weight loss challenges that people do for 30 days and I think they’re great. In fact I thought there were so awesome I decided to make my own except apply it to my mental health. Starting tomorrow 8/20/2015 I am forbidding myself from posting anything negative on social media, blogs, or even my YouTube videos.

I’m trying to become more upbeat and I think a lot of times I get stuck in my own negativity. So if you follow my blog or me on any of the social networks out there be prepared for a lot of motivational photos, cute animals and just random funny pictures. I’m hoping that this experiment can lead to me not feeling as depressed and help you have a better outlook on life.

So for the next 30 days you’re not going to see a bipolar, PTSD or anxiety post from me. All you going to see is positive things going on in my life and things from the Internet that I found amusing. Thank you for reading and I hope I survive these 30 days.


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