A look back on my week

It’s been a while since I last posted or done a YouTube Vlog so I […]

Trying to figure out YouTube

Now that I started carrying my iPad with me everywhere I go I thought I’d […]

My wife said I can’t change jobs

If you’ve been reading my blog you know money is something I’m always worried about. […]

Thinking about adopting a dog

We decided to visit the Maricopa County West Animal Control today because we have been […]

The new Phoenix Comicon costume and prop policy

    There are a lot of angry Phoenix Comicon fans on the Internet today […]

Happy Birthday Stefán Karl Stefánsson

  I wanted to take the time to wish the man who was, is and always […]

Not using A/C in Phoenix

I don’t make a lot of money so summertime in Phoenix, Arizona is the worst […]

I hate Fourth of July fireworks

  As a kid, I used to love the firework shows Manzanita Speedway put on […]

Monetizing a blog is hard

I have a few other blogs besides this one that I actually post on way […]