Amazon Prime packages are always late

  I used to love Amazon Prime but over the last year, I have had […]

I might need a mental health day

    Calling in “Mentally Ill” to work sounds kinda weird but it shouldn’t be […]

Five myths about anxiety

    Today I will be talking about a few common myths about anxiety. I […]

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

    It’s the third Monday of January which means here in the United States […]

I finally accepted that bipolar is a lifetime disease

  I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder over a decade ago and always thought that […]

“What’s your but?” Campaign by REI is amazing

  Usually, I don’t praise advertisements and things of that nature but I have to […]

That’s life C’est La Vie Mon Ami

  I have been going through some things the last few months some of which I’m […]

Working too much and not taking care of myself

    It is now January 10, 2018, and I officially realize that I have […]

It’s time to give up on what might have been

    I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas yesterday and was able to […]

My wife is awesome. Not just saying that either.

If you asked any married man out there they probably would tell you there wife […]