Cutest video of a penguin ever taken

Tis video of a baby penguin being tickled is probably the cutest penguin video ever […]

Statue of Liberty Stamp is really of Vegas landmark

    Have you heard the news? The United States postal service has apparently made […]

New trailer for Cowboys & Aliens

Hey fellow geeks a new trailer for the film Cowboys & Aliens came out today […]

Torchwood’s Captain Jack Funny Video

Have you ever watched Torchwood? Then you might get a kick out of Captain Jack […]

Charlie Sheen’s Bipolar Awareness Walk

Trouble former two and a half star Charlie Sheen is urging his fans to join […]

Taqueria Los Yaquis

So it’s late at night and your in the mood for some awesome Mexican food […]

A look back at the Suns 2010-2011 season

The 2010-2011 NBA season was an interesting one for the Phoenix Suns to say the […]

Restarted my Blog

As you can tell by the changes on this site I’ve decided to restart my […]


Haven’t really done much other than watch my food intake because I aggravated my back […]

More weight gone

More weight gone during my weight loss journey and now I have a plan to […]