I finally accepted that bipolar is a lifetime disease

  I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder over a decade ago and always thought that […]

Being depressed and working

      I’m not sure if it’s the seasonal blues or my regular depressive […]

Why 5 years at my job is a big deal

        September 19, 2017, was my five-year work anniversary. For those of […]

Getting back into Vlogging on YouTube

    I’m finding YouTube is now my favorite social network. I started vlogging again […]

Phoenix man has service dog stolen

     I know my blog and social media accounts don’t reach very many people […]

I’m outraged and heartbroken by the murder of Nabra Hassanen

          Unfortunately, the murder of Nabra Hassanen isn’t getting the media […]

Why I got help for my mental illness

      Sitting out on my porch and playing around with my computer on […]

Bayless Healthcare Review

      I’ve been to a few different places to treat my mental illness […]

I’m leery about going to the doctor tomorrow

      I’m a little bit nervous about seeing my doctor tomorrow because I’m […]