Thinking about hookers and blow

I have tons of money making ideas unfortunately 99% of them are not legal at […]

It’s time to grow up

I’m 37 years old and still having trouble providing basic necessities to my family. I […]

Looks like I’m going back to therapy

    I decided that with the help of my new medication I am strong […]

New meds today

Went to see the doctor today and got some new meds. I like that the […]

I found the problem

I’ve been down a lot the last few weeks and I finally figured out why. […]

My brain is defective

I know I should be happy. I have a great wife and wonderful children. I […]

Random tales from a Bipolar superhero

I did another youtube vlog today and felt kinda dumb sharing it online. Hopefully. it […]

Having a relationship while Bipolar

    Being Bipolar can make having a real meaningful relationship with a spouse or […]

Thank you Keurig

It’s 2:47 AM and once again I find myself unable to sleep. I have to […]