Life sucks and then you die

      When I was younger I used to be a hard-core wrestling fan. […]

Have I reached my final destination

      Holiday’s are always hard for me and if you factor in the […]

New prescriptions and new hope

    I went to my psychiatrist today and she gave me some new prescriptions […]

Thinking about hookers and blow

        I have tons of money making ideas unfortunately 99% of them […]

It’s time to grow up

      I’m 37 years old and still having trouble providing basic necessities to […]

Looks like I’m going back to therapy

        I decided that with the help of my new medication I […]

New meds today

      Went to see the doctor today and got some new meds. I […]

I found the problem

    I’ve been down a lot the last few weeks and I finally figured […]

My brain is defective

      I know I should be happy. I have a great wife and […]