Falling down the rabbit hole

Feel myself falling down the rabbit hole and I feel like my disease is winning […]

Feeling a lot better now

I don’t know if it’s because I finally got a chromebook so I can be […]

I feel like I should do more to help people

I don’t know I honestly feel like I should and could do more to help […]

Doing a lot better

So I’m doing a lot better. My new blog is http://ijustgeekedmyself.com/ via YouTube Capture

I’m a loser

I feel like a loser. I’m just really down and would appreciate any comment even […]

Bipolar Webcam video from September 15, 2013 11:00 PM

Today Sucked. I really hope things get better. I think it may actually be time […]

Kicking back and relaxing

Lazt Saterday afternoon. No work and just want to have some fun. Trying to start […]

Why I stopped vlogging

So it’s been awhile since I vlogged even though I said I’d make 30 vlog […]

The brain pain

Lots of thoughts in my head but I can’t seem to grab onto any. Had […]

Bipolar grandiose thoughts

A little look at the grandiose thoughts I have in my life and a little […]