Bipolar Relapse

      It’s coming I can feel it. No matter how much I fight […]

Not feeling good

      Been off my meds since Christmas Eve and now I can honestly […]

Off my meds

      Stopped taking meds Christmas eve  

Falling down the rabbit hole

      Feel myself falling down the rabbit hole and I feel like my […]

Feeling a lot better now

      I don’t know if it’s because I finally got a chromebook so […]

I feel like I should do more to help people

      I don’t know I honestly feel like I should and could do […]

I’m a loser

    I feel like a loser. I’m just really down and would appreciate any […]

Kicking back and relaxing

    Lazy┬áSaturday afternoon. No work and just want to have some fun. Trying to […]

Why I stopped vlogging

      So it’s been awhile since I vlogged even though I said I’d […]