Coming out as Bipolar

Today’s video is about telling my mom and dad that I’m bipolar. It didn’t go […]

Bad mood Monday

Not much of an upload today. I’m just ticked off and not in the mood […]

Random thoughts on being bipolar

This video is just some randon “Does anybody else…” questions. Mostly talking about trouble communicating […]

Another day another bipolar vlog

So today is my wife Keisa’s 31st birthday. I hope I was ablr to give […]

A little about my life

So I decided to vlog about some more personal issues in my life. Mostly about […]

Lazy Saturday afternoon before work

Just a very quick video before I start work this afternoon. It’s Saturday and I’m […]

Might be a little manic

Couldn’t sleep last night and feeling a little manic. I have tons of racing thoughts […]

Normal bipolar day

Just a normal day of being bipolar 2. Good news and a little alcohol

Doing Better

So I made an appointment to start one on one therapy and now I’m feeling […]

Being Bipolar Sucks

I’m going crazy. Yes I hear voices, Yes I have crazy thoughts and yes I […]