Bipolar Meds are working

I’ve only been back on my meds for a few weeks but I’ve finally hit […]

Back on bipolar meds

It’s been awhile but this week I started back on my bipolar meds along with […]

Good day to be bipolar

As you know I am bipolar type 2 and am depressed a lot. Today has […]

I remembered I own a blog

I’m sorry for not posting in a while I’ve been just too out of it […]

Bipolar Superhero

Mania is over and I feel my depression coming. I decided to show a glimpse […]

Bipolar PTSD and possibly suicidal

Having a hard time right now and I just feel overwhelmed. I don’t know what […]

Second Bipolar vlog

Another day another vlog about my bipolar disorder and PTSD. Things are starting to get […]

My very first Bipolar vlog

I decided to start vlogging as an outlet to help with my bipolar and PTSD […]

Thank you Cymbalta

I’m up to 60 mg of Cymbalta daily and I feel so much better it’s […]