Monetizing a blog is hard

I have a few other blogs besides this one that I actually post on way […]

Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking on a WordPress blog

    I’ve been attempting to run a few different blogs WordPress and thought since […]

Testing some iOS apps for blogging

As you know I have decided to start using this blog more often and I […]

Working on my blog

        If you have visited my blog in the past you will […]

I’m getting really sick of being cyber bullied

The photo above is just one example of the many direct cyber bullying type messages I […]

Why do I bother with blogging and social media?

I’m not important and do not really have any original thoughts to share so why […]

Blogging for therapy

My therapist and psychiatrist both recommend that I start blogging more often to help with […]

Godaddy WordPress issues

I’ve been trying to blog on my various GoDaddy hosted blogs for the past four […]

Quick blurb about what’s going on

Didn’t feel like talking about bipolar so I thought I’d throw this up as part […]

Going to start blogging more

I don’t blog very often but that’s about to change. I’m really just going to […]