Reddit and Burger King Create a New Hero

The Internet has created a brand new hero and unfortunately nobody knows his real name. […]

Sun Visor Targeting Computer Just What Every Star Wars Fan Needs

Imagine some douche cuts you off in traffic during rush hour. Now while you’re cursing […]

Never Sleep Alone With Zombie Sheet

  I was surfing the web and saw this on Google+ the other day and […]

Miniature Creepy Looking “MythBusters” Clones

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I found what I want for Christmas

If anybody out there has a lot of money and wants to be nice I’ve […]

Life-sized 1969 Mustang made entirely from paper. Yep Paper!

This lifesize replica automobile constructed entirely from paper has hit the road, only it’s not […]

So Bing thinks I’m Popular

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Cool Millennium Falcon rear window sticker

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New Batman Trailer

Check out the new batman trailer! You won’t find this anywhere else! Sorry guys I […]