Accepting things that I cannot change

So last night I finally realized I need to live my life and not really […]

Change of scenery changed a lot

We’ve been in our new place about a month now and my mood has changed […]

We are moving

Goodness, I forgot how difficult moving is. The place that we are currently living was […]

I give up

Dear God, The bible says you are in control of all things. You are a caring God. […]

She makes me happy

    They say every picture tells a story and this one photo tells a bunch […]

I feel like time is running out

Where did the time go? All my life I’ve wanted to do just one thing […]

Quick Update

  It’s been a while since I posted on this blog and for that I […]

I’m taking a Social Media Hiatus

The world today is far too addicted to social media! Social media is to my […]

Life Sucks Right Now

      I know depression and bipolar type two go hand and hand, but I […]

Not sure why I have this blog

I’m an online person. I’m on twitter, facebook, Google plus and hundreds of other internet […]