My 1st Vlog RIP Nelson Mandela

  My 1st vlog on the new channel. I plan on doing something special to […]

Thankful for my family

So Thanksgiving is upon us and I just wanted to say I’m thankful for my […]

I miss Sales

I can honestly admit I miss the adventure of telephone sales. I loved the whole […]

Random Musings

Today is one of those blog posts that I’m forcing myself to make. I know […]

Testing out my brain

People say I’m smart and have great ideas. Starting Monday I will put that to […]

It’s been two years

It’s been two years well it will be two years on Saturday since my mom […]


I’m trying something new and incorporating my titter feed into my blog as you can […]

The Bridge

So I watched the documentary The Bridge on YouTube last night and I’m still thinking […]

My job

As you know if you’ve been reading my blog not only am I Bipolar 2 […]