Happy Memorial Day

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to those fallen solders who […]

Change is coming

My life is bout to change and hopefully it’s for the better. Don’t really want […]

A Quick Story

Today I want to tell you a story. Maybe you can relate to it. Maybe […]

Happy 4th of July

Happy July 4th everyone! I think it's another great time to pay tribute to all […]

Sitting at group therapy

I’m sitting here at my weekly group therapy waiting for it to start and it […]

Hoping God will help me

I feel a lot better now than I had been and hopefully that means my […]

Well It’s Mothers Day

We lost my mother Roberta Smalley to cancer a little over six months ago and […]

Mother’s Day 2012

This year Mother’s Day will be Sunday May 13th, 2012 and it will be the […]

My Friend Passed Away Today

  My friend Sadie passed away today and even though the rational part of my […]

So My friend is undergoing mesothelioma treatment

I found out today one of my old girlfriends, Sadie is undergoing treatment for cancer, […]