New Years is just around the corner

In just a couple days we close the books on 2011 and welcome in 2012. […]

David Singing To Me For Christmas

Today I received a great honor my son decided to sing me a Christmas song […]

Nothing much to say

I don’t have very much to say today, in fact I have no idea why […]

Day After Thanksgiving

I’m doing a little better today but still haven’t beaten my depression. So many things […]

Random thoughts today about Thanksgiving 2011

I feel it coming, that dark spiral of depression that lures me in and then […]

My dad’s birthday

Today I went over my dads house to visit him for his birthday. We gave […]

Starting to feel like a robot

It’s kind of funny I started this blog to keep track of my thoughts and […]

Time to be me

Most of my life I’ve been afraid of what people would say about me or […]

So much pain right now in my head

I’m not sleeping and I’m having so much trouble really done anything, even taking my […]

My mom’s funeral

Roberta Marie Smalley January 16, 1947- November 2, 2011 Last night was my mother’s funeral […]