KFC’s Fried Chicken Crust Pizza Is Real!

KFC seems to be determined to take fried chicken to places it’s never been (nor […]

Random photos that made me laugh

Been a while since I posted anything because I’ve been busy with my new job. […]

The Original Hunger Games

I was fortunate enough to screen The Hunger Games last week right after speed reading […]

Newspaper Fail

In this day and age a lot of newspapers are blaming the Internet on their […]

Weirdest Newspaper Article Of The Year

Came across this strange newspaper article in the crime section of an Ohio newspaper. It’s […]

Man selling his own thumb to help save museum

What would you do to save a place you love? Would you give up part […]

Statue of Liberty Stamp is really of Vegas landmark

    Have you heard the news? The United States postal service has apparently made […]