Here is a list of other places I recommend you check out.


Keisa’s Blog it’s a hodgepodge of things from planners, crafts and fanfiction.

If you’re in the poetry check out this tumbler page.

Although it’s not a webpage I do love his artwork.

She has some really great designs.

If you love reading then your love the book reviews on this blog.

Planner Stuff

Pretty much the gold standard when it comes to planners.


This is the first type of planner that I ever had and highly recommend it to anyone getting started.

Happy Planner

Bipolar Stuff

A great resource and community for anyone with bipolar. A word of warning though it is Reddit so expect some trolls.

Reddit Bipolar 

Although it is a short read it’s really good. We actually discuss this in detail during my mindfulness sessions.

The Four Agreements 

This is where I’m currently being treated for my bipolar disorder and if you look through my blog I did leave them a glowing review.

Bayless Healthcare

You never know when someone is going to need this. I hope you never do.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline