Got A DMCA Today On One Of My Blogs

I find it funny some lame travel website sent me and my webhost a DMCA notice for one of my sites claiming that I was violating their photo copyright when the photo’s in question were sent to me via the Travel Channel and their adverting department to promote a show.

I took the images down because I wasn’t the one’s who took them and couldn’t be 100% certain who did. However, I do believe the Travel Channel over some dumb online travel site which isn’t even 3 years old (Pictures in question are from 2008).

It’s one of those days and false DMCA’s make me waste time and energy. This same image is on about 2000 other sites I just to be the one that is the #1 result in Google images. It’s also funny the site that sent the DMCA happens to be #2 and a smaller dimension than mine

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