Hi Mary Project


Hi Mary

If you have seen my social media accounts the last 24 hours you know that I’ve been trying to do something good for someone else. I know someone who is making a video for their girlfriend’s birthday and is hoping to find people willing to take a photograph of themselves holding a sign that says “Hi Mary”.

I’ve had some people who were very nice and helped me out so far gathering these photos. I would, however, like to get at least 10 more. I was hoping if you’re reading this you could take a photo of yourself with a banner or even a piece of paper saying “Hi Mary” it would mean a lot and I would really appreciate it.


We did it!!!! I wanted to thank everyone who helped with this little project. The goal has been reached and you guys are awesome. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Hi Mary Project

  1. This is a really good idea for a birthday gift. I think I might make a video like this for my spouse this year. I will email you my photo saying hi Mary and the little bit.

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