I hate waiting

Doctors office

If sitting waiting to be seen by a doctor was a job for me it would probably be full-time with a lot of overtime. I will never understand why they set an appointment with you for a certain time but don’t even call you back into the examination room for nearly an hour.

All my life I’ve sat by waiting for things to get better much like how I’ve sat at the doctors office’s and at some point you eventually get seen and given a cure. I believe it’s about time for me to receive a cure for my nonphysical problems. I’ve waited patently for years and now it’s time to be given a cure.

God is about to release me from the bondage of my depression and ptsd I can feel it. Things will be different and the devil won’t be able to steal my joy. I’m actually a little excited that I finally was able to say enough is enough and start going back to therapy for my mental health.

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