Mark Ingram and the future of Reggie Bush as a Saint

Now that Mark Ingram is officially the newest member of New Orleans Saints one has to wonder what that means for the future of former first-round pick Reggie Bush as it relates to the Saints..

Reggie Bush didn’t really seem very happy when the Saints drafted Ingram, posting the following comment on Twitter after the pick was made.

“It’s been fun New Orleans.”

NFL insiders say that Bush may decide to use the pick of Ingram as a reason to force his way out of New Orleans, even though the Saints have said on the record they would like to keep the kick returner and running back.

The Saints would owe Bush $11.3 million in 2011, but there’s no way he will make that. He could force the team to release him instead of taking a pay cut. Sounds like Bush is starting to pave his way out of the Big Easy in the near future.

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