My favorite YouTube videos from August 7-13 2017



I’ve been watching and making a lot of YouTube videos. I thought it would be a great idea to share a few I liked this week and why. This will be a regular Sunday thing and I hope you like and subscribe to the people I share.

Great video by OurWorldShifted about letting go of trauma and negative thoughts. It’s painful to change but you can do it. I love how he equates letting go of thoughts that cause anxiety to working out. I find all of his videos very inspirational.


His catchphrase on Youtube is “What it is, What it is, What it always is!” and this week two of his videos made the list. The Road Down Bipolar always seems to make the videos I need to see the day I need to see them. It’s almost like he can read my mind or something. He’s always entertaining and needs to get some endorsement deals. I’m looking at you Mountain Dew and McDonalds!







Youtuber VAL GAL  always tells it like it is. This week she calls out the people who use mental illness as click bait on YouTube and I agree with her about wanting to punch people in the face. This video is one everyone who has ever watched these big time YouTubers and in my opinion, people only do videos to make money and not to help others.


With everything that went down in Virginia this weekend this video by Cognitive Burnout   called ‘Freedom of Speech and the Human Filter’ really breaks down what everyone needs to know about the most powerful weapon in the world words.


Last but not least we have BLUR’Z “COMPLETELY COMPLICATED” LIFE This week he shares some stand up stuff that I really enjoyed and hit on my level of humor.


That’s my YouTube video list for this past week. I really appreciate each of these videos for different reasons and hope their creators continue to post videos in the future.
Have a great week and if you have time check out my channel too.

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