My Friend Passed Away Today


heavenstairwayMy friend Sadie passed away today and even though the rational part of my brain knew that this was coming I still must say that I’m still feeling really shocked at the moment. I know it’s not the case but it just feels like everyone around me is dying. Since my mother passed away at the end of last year this makes the ninth time someone who I would consider a good friend passed on and quite frankly I don’t have very more left.

I know I probably shouldn’t be thinking about it this way but when you are connected to this many people who pass away in such a short time you start to wonder if any of it is your fault or if perhaps you’re going to be next.

I am able to find comfort in the fact that I know that Sadie was a Christian when she passed. In fact I am going to miss the biblical related debates we would get into because she liked to as she put it “pick my brain”. She was such a wonderful friend and person I guess God must have decided he needed her to help brighten up a special patch of heaven.

I’ll miss you Sadie R.I.P

I’ll probably write something a bit more fitting later on I just to lie down for a bit.

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