My wife is awesome. Not just saying that either.

If you asked any married man out there they probably would tell you there wife is amazing. Is that true? Hold up while I channel my inner Kanye West and say Imma let you finish, but I just wanted to say, that Keisa Smalley is the best wife of all time!

You see my wife, Keisa has to be at a damn near Mother Teresa level of compassion to have put up with me for 16 years now. Her heroics are far better than anything Wonder Woman has done just from fixing my stupid mistakes.

It’s kind of creepy but I like to take photographs of my wife when I can’t sleep and really loved the way this one came out. She is exhausted and on the verge of falling asleep yet definitely makes my heart melt from her beauty.

Pretty much just wanted to post this in order to say I love you Keisa!

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