Rapture didn’t come on May 21st

Unless the entire world was so full of sin that nobody got raptured I’m pretty […]

The Smalley Family

Was playing around and made a quick video of my family. Enjoy!

Macho Man Randy Savage Dies In Car Accident

  I’m a little sad today because one of my childhood heroes Macho Man Randy […]

Setting Realistic Weight Loss Expectations

Spring is an excellent time to either start or reestablish your pursuit of a healthier […]

Biggest Loser Rejects Week 61

The Biggest Loser Rejects Josh and Quincy Moran aka the Moran brothers are back with […]

Largeinaz Weight loss Vlog Win the Weight Battle

Fighting on against obesity check out my latest weight loss vlog! I’m going to try […]

Got a call from the Moran Brothers

So I got a phone call from the Moran Brothers today on my cell. I […]

WOW! The new NBC Show Smash looks awesome!

In the clip below Broadway newcomer, Karen (Katharine McPhee), dazzles a tough crowd. Such an […]

Osama bin Laden’s stash yuck

Osama bin Laden’s confiscated data and video stash included a boatload of porn. Thank gooodness […]

So Bing thinks I’m Popular

Now I hardly ever use Bing but I was rather shocked when I looked at […]