Biggest Loser Rejects Week 77

Its another fun filled episode of the Moran Brothers ! Today we are discussing another […]

Depression and PTSD issues

It’s funny some people are like “Lonnie, you never served in the military so how […]

Biggest Loser Rejects week 74 weight loss vlog

The Biggest Loser Rejects aka Josh and Quincy Moran are back with a new weight […]

Hypocrites really annoy me

We all know at least one hypocrite. They’ve gotta be the most annoying people in […]

It’s a mad crazy world

Every day this world seems to make me feel more and more discouraged. I just […]

I need to move

Good God this apartment is getting to me. We’ve lived here for over 3 years […]

The Biggest loser rejects week 71

The Biggest loser rejects week 71 video. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH!!

The death of Amy Winehouse should be a wake up call for all

I woke up yesterday morning and was actually shocked to learn of the passing of […]

Van got broke into at 24 hour fitness

As you know I’ve been trying to lose some weight so I’ve been going to […]