Biggest Loser Rejects Week 69

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PTSD Sucks

So I was at the gym today working out and BOOM it hit me. All […]

Biggest loser rejects week 67

Week 67 of the biggest loser rejects. Check out the Moran brothers and this weeks […]

San Diego Zoo videos

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Biggest loser rejects Week 65 weigh in

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How Inception turned a great movie into mediocre one

Films that are complex enough to actually cause a person to think are great and […]

Help find Nikki Graves of Flagstaff

  Hey guys I don’t usually do this but a friend of mine asked me […]

Biggest Loser Rejects week 63 weigh In

This video is all about struggles and bad habits. I love the bad habit hobbits. […]

Jeff Conaway passed away today

    Grease happens to be one of the few musicals that I have watched […]