Hey Lakers that’s not Zen or classy

Yesterday was Mothers Day so my family and I went to visit my Mom and […]

2011 Kentucky Derby posts and my picks

This year’s Kentucky Derby is set for Saturday May 7, 2011 at 5:45 pm EDT. […]

How we treated my son for a pollen allergy

So recently my wife and I found out that our five year old has a […]

Scary Times Ahead

Over the last few days the news has been full of stories about the killing […]

BLR Week 59

Tribute to Alabama We love you. Be strong and courageous!

Thank God the Royal Wedding is over

I didn’t even watch it and really have no idea what all the fuss was […]

Mark Ingram and the future of Reggie Bush as a Saint

Now that Mark Ingram is officially the newest member of New Orleans Saints one has […]

How to know if a diamond is real

As far along as our technology has become it’s nearly unthinkable to attempt to just […]

What the heck is Mechanically Separated Chicken

A lot of folks eat  Chicken McNuggets each and every day, however I'm pretty certain […]

My review of the BodyMedia FIT Armband

I’ve been using this awesome tool called a Bodymedia fit aka a bodybugg that I […]