Unexpected weight loss

It has been about two months since the last time I visited the physician assistant […]

Hayden Panettiere opens up about her mental health issues

Actress Hayden Panettiere recently started talking about her struggles with postpartum depression and hopefully helped […]

Oprah Winfrey’s miraculous weight loss

Have you heard heard the news that Oprah Winfrey has amazingly lost 42 pounds since […]

I’m leery about going to the doctor tomorrow

I’m a little bit nervous about seeing my doctor tomorrow because I’m going to ask […]

‘Sit, Ubu, Sit’: Who exactly was Ubu?

Growing up in the 1980s and 90s right after TV shows one of the more […]

I’m getting really sick of being cyber bullied

The photo above is just one example of the many direct cyber bullying type messages I […]

We Dumped Cox and got DirecTV Now

So in our never-ending quest to save money Keisa and I dropped our cable services […]

David Johnson’s injury will not require surgery

Did you feel that gust of wind around 11:15 AM Arizona time today? If so […]

The Better Business Bureau revokes MyPillow’s accreditation

Despite the price I honestly had been considering purchasing a MyPillow because the claims they […]

My goals for 2017

Happy New Year! It is now officially 2017 and that terrible year that was called […]