Dakota Access Pipeline Rant

The most revealing thing about the Dakota Access Pipeline is that the original route was […]

R.I.P. Grandma

My grandma Reba Waite passed away on Sunday, October 16, 2016, and my head is still swirling. […]

My letter to anxiety

So about a year ago I was in a therapy session with my awful therapist […]

DUI suspect arrested wearing chastity belt

    According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, a DUI suspect apprehended last month in […]

Man arrested for posing as a military veteran

  Talk about a scum bag. 45-year-old Eric Wolfe of Tempe, Arizona was arrested on […]

US Postal Service issues planetary stamps

The solar system is being honored with new Forever Stamps so that you can use stunning […]

Photo: USPS / NASA

CBD Drip Review

So I found this stuff called CBD drip that supposedly helps with depression and anxiety. […]

The doctor upped my insulin

So yesterday I went to the doctor and we are working on getting my blood […]

We got cable TV again

About two years ago Keisa and I decided to cut the cord and got rid […]

2016 Presidential election

I always find myself reading about politics yet I’ve never really much cared for. I’m […]