Random things about fitness

I just read online that fitness guru Jack LaLanne past away today at the age of 96. I really thought that guy would live to make 150 or more. Here’s the scary thing I know for a fact that Jack LaLanne was healthier than I am even at the age of 96 and he’s dead. Kinda makes me a little worried about what my future holds.

Anyway back to my journey. I’ve decided to try to walk 10 miles a day and I did really well Friday with 10 miles and Saturday with 11 however today I fell short with only 6. I just couldn’t do it. I developed some blisters on my feet and I just couldn’t do it today. I know I will have some setbacks on this journey and I will not give up. By the way I weighed myself today and I’m now at 349lbs so at least I get to say good bye to another 5lbs. I plan on doing a little vlog update on youtube a bit later tonight of sometime tomorrow so keep an eye out for it. Good luck in your weight journey people and just remember anything you dream possible can happen.

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