Righting the Ship and Getting My Life Back on Track

I've been letting my life kind of just aimlessly drift to and fro and going wherever it takes me, instead of taking the time to make a plan and set goals for the future. Hopefully, I will be able to correct this life issue in the coming weeks because I think that it is quite possible the lack of a plan may be causing a lot of my depression and boredom issues.

I don't think I need to go as far as talking to a psychiatrist or a professional life planner I just need to put in some thought of what I actually want out of life and what steps will be required in achieving these goals. I remember as a child, my life goal was to become a professional journalist, I totally missed that one.

Anyway, I'm just sick of always feeling like a failure and a black sheep so maybe if I'm lucky I can do something that if nothing else at least helps me raise my self-esteem even just a little bit.

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