Five myths about anxiety

    Today I will be talking about a few common myths about anxiety. I […]

I’m having memory issues

    I don’t know if it’s my medication are just the effects of my […]

My favorite YouTube videos from August 7-13 2017

    I’ve been watching and making a lot of YouTube videos. I thought it […]

Mend Family review

      Yesterday I did something pretty interesting. I was able to meet with […]

Anxiety always makes Father’s Day awkward for me

      Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! I hope you […]

Why I got help for my mental illness

      Sitting out on my porch and playing around with my computer on […]

Mindfulness seems to be working

      Mindfulness Definitions Intentionally living with awareness in the present moment. (Waking up […]

Started group therapy

      I started doing group therapy at Bayless Healthcare yesterday and I think […]

My letter to anxiety

      So about a year ago I was in a therapy session with […]