Bipolar 1 vs Bipolar 2

        Happy Monday everyone. I guess we could call today mental health […]

What is bipolar disorder

    I seem to talk about mental health a lot on my blog and […]

My brain is defective

      I know I should be happy. I have a great wife and […]

Fighting Back Against My BiPolar

    If you have Bipolar especially┬átype II you know the lows of depression. For […]

The brain pain

      Lots of thoughts in my head but I can’t seem to grab […]

Might be a little manic

      Couldn’t sleep last night and feeling a little manic. I have tons […]

Normal bipolar day

Just a normal day of being bipolar 2. Good news and a little alcohol

Bipolar Superhero

Mania is over and I feel my depression coming. I decided to show a glimpse […]

My very first Bipolar vlog

I decided to start vlogging as an outlet to help with my bipolar and PTSD […]