Why I decided to stop taking my bipolar medication

  I’ve been struggling with this for some time and decided that by January 1, […]

I’m having memory issues

  I don’t know if it’s my medication are just the effects of my mental […]

Random blips and rants

    There are some things I want to talk about that are too long […]

I’m leery about going to the doctor tomorrow

I’m a little bit nervous about seeing my doctor tomorrow because I’m going to ask […]

Keep moving forward.

At last I am making progress in my journey to get this mental illness under […]

New meds today

Went to see the doctor today and got some new meds. I like that the […]

Thank you Keurig

It’s 2:47 AM and once again I find myself unable to sleep. I have to […]

I survived today’s doctor visit

    Look at that I actually survived my visit to the doctor today to […]

Doing a lot better

So I’m doing a lot better. My new blog is http://ijustgeekedmyself.com/ via YouTube Capture

Coming out as Bipolar

Today’s video is about telling my mom and dad that I’m bipolar. It didn’t go […]