I am a bipolar superhero

    I decided to work up the courage once again to start Vlogging on YouTube […]

Nobody to talk to

You know it sucks? I have nobody to talk to most of the day. I […]

Why lie?

Remember the black quill pen in Harry Potter? The dark magical object of torture that is a […]

Mood disorders

    Mood disorders affect approximately twenty percent of the entire population in the United […]

Goodbye Facebook land of bigoted people

    I have come to the conclusion that Facebook really isn’t for me. I […]

Busted through a life wall

    I always knew that I was a little different from everyone else. I […]

Working on my stress

The other day I visited my psychiatrist and got some new medication to help me with […]

We are moving

Goodness, I forgot how difficult moving is. The place that we are currently living was […]

Getting better

    I know it’s been a while since my last post on here, but […]

Fighting Back Against My BiPolar

If you have Bipolar especially type II you know the lows of depression. For the last […]