Fighting Back Against My BiPolar

If you have Bipolar especially type II you know the lows of depression. For the last […]

Bipolar Relapse

It’s coming I can feel it. No matter how much I fight it or try […]

Life Sucks Right Now

  I know depression and bipolar type two go hand and hand, but I really hate […]

Not feeling good

Been off my meds since Christmas Eve and now I can honestly say I don’t […]

Off my meds

Stopped taking meds Christmas eve  

Random Musings

Today is one of those blog posts that I’m forcing myself to make. I know […]

Falling down the rabbit hole

Feel myself falling down the rabbit hole and I feel like my disease is winning […]

There’s always a way

  Whenever I think everything is hopless I’m reminded if you try hard enough you […]

I feel like I should do more to help people

I don’t know I honestly feel like I should and could do more to help […]

I’m a loser

I feel like a loser. I’m just really down and would appreciate any comment even […]