That’s life C’est La Vie Mon Ami

  I have been going through some things the last few months some of which I’m […]

It’s time to give up on what might have been

    I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas yesterday and was able to […]

Monetizing a blog is hard

    I have a few other blogs besides this one that I actually post […]

Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking on a WordPress blog

    I’ve been attempting to run a few different blogs WordPress and thought since […]

Working on my blog

        If you have visited my blog in the past you will […]

My goals for 2017

      Happy New Year! It is now officially 2017 and that terrible year […]

Blog negativity

      A few days ago I decided to return to the wonderful world […]

I feel like time is running out

Where did the time go? All my life I’ve wanted to do just one thing […]

Not sure why I have this blog

I’m an online person. I’m on twitter, facebook, Google plus and hundreds of other internet […]

Quick blurb about what’s going on

Didn’t feel like talking about bipolar so I thought I’d throw this up as part […]