Mindfulness seems to be working

Mindfulness Definitions Intentionally living with awareness in the present moment. (Waking up from automatic or rote behaviors to participate and be present to our own lives.) Without judging or rejecting the moment. (Noticing consequences, discerning helpfulness and harmfulness– but letting go of evaluating, avoiding, suppressing, or blocking the present moment.) Without attachment to the moment….

Started group therapy

I started doing group therapy at Bayless Healthcare yesterday and I think it was a really good decision based on the results so far. In the class the main focus in mindfulness a subject that I have spoken negatively about on my blog in the past. Yesterday was so amazing and different that I’m convinced…

I survived my return to therapy

It’s over! I made it out of my first therapy session in about three months alive! There were some down points and even a few good ones so I will call today session a success. The main focus of today’s session was figuring out a way to lessen my anxiety. We talked about me feeling…

Sitting at group therapy

I’m sitting here at my weekly group therapy waiting for it to start and it just hit me that I’m happy and relaxed. Usually I’m stressed beyond belief and dread this class but for some unknown reason I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be a great day I can feel it.

Story from group therapy

Today at my mood group therapy class I had a terrible time due to some people not respecting the rest of the group but I will keep going and hopefully things will get better. One thing that did sickout today however, was a old Cherokee story about the two wolves inside men. You can read…