I’m having memory issues

    I don’t know if it’s my medication are just the effects of my […]

Putting myself out there more

      I’m still recovering from some social media issues and really hard trolling […]

Life updates and random weirdness

    Been awhile since my last update so here is my latest news.  Picked […]

Monetizing a blog is hard

    I have a few other blogs besides this one that I actually post […]

Christmas Eve

      Today is Christmas Eve a day that a few months ago I […]

I am a bipolar superhero

        I decided to work up the courage once again to start […]

She makes me happy

    They say every picture tells a story and this one photo tells a bunch […]

Kicking back and relaxing

    Lazy Saturday afternoon. No work and just want to have some fun. Trying to […]

Why I stopped vlogging

      So it’s been awhile since I vlogged even though I said I’d […]