Why I decided to stop taking my bipolar medication

  I’ve been struggling with this for some time and decided that by January 1, […]

Why I got help for my mental illness

Sitting out on my porch and playing around with my computer on the first non […]

Started group therapy

I started doing group therapy at Bayless Healthcare yesterday and I think it was a […]

Got any more of those Panic Attacks

With all the changes going on at work and Keisa going to court, I’ve had […]

Sadness and Anxiety that comes when the sun sets

I know that all of this can’t just be my bipolar or even my anxiety […]

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July or what I call loud noise PTSD day. This has to […]

Do Pets Reduce Stress?

    Does owning a pet reduce overall stress? Yes, of course it does! To […]

I’m going to the doctor tomorrow

      Those of you who know me know that I hate going to […]

Working on my stress

The other day I visited my¬†psychiatrist and got some new medication to help me with […]

We are moving

Goodness, I forgot how difficult moving is. The place that we are currently living was […]