What is bipolar disorder

    I seem to talk about mental health a lot on my blog and […]

I’m getting really sick of being cyber bullied

The photo above is just one example of the many direct cyber bullying type messages I […]

Have I reached my final destination

Holiday’s are always hard for me and if you factor in the arthritis pain it’s […]

Going to start detailing my therapy

    For the benefit of others facing the horrors of Bipolar, PTSD, and Severe Anxiety […]

I give up

Dear God, The bible says you are in control of all things. You are a caring God. […]

Bipolar Relapse

It’s coming I can feel it. No matter how much I fight it or try […]

There’s always a way

  Whenever I think everything is hopless I’m reminded if you try hard enough you […]

Wish my brain would stop

Not feeling very healthy in my brain right now and don’t know who to talk […]

Good day to be bipolar

As you know I am bipolar type 2 and am depressed a lot. Today has […]