Things I recently learned about YouTube and monetization

I’m not a big time YouTuber by any means. My largest channel has about 250 […]

Getting back into Vlogging on YouTube

  I’m finding YouTube is now my favorite social network. I started vlogging again about […]

30 day vlogging challenge

    A friend of mine who is part of my mental health Youtube vlogging […]

Trying to figure out YouTube

Now that I started carrying my iPad with me everywhere I go I thought I’d […]

Doing a lot better

So I’m doing a lot better. My new blog is via YouTube Capture

Why I stopped vlogging

So it’s been awhile since I vlogged even though I said I’d make 30 vlog […]

Quick blurb about what’s going on

Didn’t feel like talking about bipolar so I thought I’d throw this up as part […]

Bipolar grandiose thoughts

A little look at the grandiose thoughts I have in my life and a little […]

Coming out as Bipolar

Today’s video is about telling my mom and dad that I’m bipolar. It didn’t go […]

Another day another bipolar vlog

So today is my wife Keisa’s 31st birthday. I hope I was ablr to give […]