The doctor put me on a diet

Last week I visited my doctor and he told me whatever I’m eating every day […]

Starting again after total failure

It’s January 4th and I have already failed miserably at my New Year’s resolutions. The […]

New Year’s resolutions

I guess primarily my main New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. Specifically, I’d like […]

560-pound man is biking across the country to lose weight

A 560-pound man cycling across the U.S.A. to slim down hit a snag in Rhode […]

Moran Brothers Week 111 Weight Loss Transformation

If you bill my blog more than just once or twice then you’ve probably noticed […]

Started going to the gym again today

I didn’t feel well all weekend long and last night I actually got quite a […]

Moran Brothers Week 104 Weight Loss Video

Been getting a lot more website visitors the last few days and thought I'd share […]

Took a long walk around my neighborhood today

  Getting in shape and trying to lose some weight can really be a difficult […]

Biggest Loser Rejects Week 96

The Biggest Loser Rejects week 96. The Moran brothers are doing the first weight loss video of […]

Biggest Loser Rejects Week 92

The Biggest Loser Rejects week 92 weigh in video. The Moran Brothers share their weight […]