Twitter and the Media

I was on twitter last night and everyone was talking about Tony Stewart running over and killing Kevin Ward Jr. I noticed a local TV reporter tweeted several incorrect facts about the incident, then criticized ESPN for performing their due diligence and checking the facts before reporting on the incident. I understand wanting to be first, but RESPONSIBLE journalists should actually report on verified FACTS and not worry about being first. Here’s a couple of tweets that haven’t been deleted kinda bothered me.

Despite all the incorrect info he and other people tweeted I find it hard to believe a professional journalist went with “possibly murdering” to describe that with so little real information.  I would expect that someone that works in the media and represents a news organization on twitter would choose words a bit more wisely and make sure they don’t put out incorrect information.

I understand that it’s a big sports story, but to compare it to a terrorist attack, feels disrespectful to the people of Boston. Also in other tweets he basically says it’s okay for news reporters to use twitter as a source without checking facts. By the way, he already removed all the tweets with incorrect information and a few others. Sorry, just needed to vent maybe I’m just moody. I just hate it when reporters jump the gun and tweet incorrect things as news then remove them without apologizing just because they want to be first.



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