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Sri Lanka attacks prove evil does not take a holiday

  It’s Easter Sunday, and I was shocked to wake up to hear that more than 200 people had died in bombings carried across throughout Sri Lanka. These blasts hit luxury hotels and churches hoping to hurt or kill those who were trying to celebrate one of the holier days of Christianity.   Here’s the full list of blast sites reported so far: St Anthony’s Shrine, Kochchikade St Sebastian’s Church, Negombo Zion Church, Batticaloa Cinnamon Grand, Colombo Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo

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Man thinks he is stealing drugs but takes laxatives instead

Florida man thought he was stealing drugs, not laxatives

  Today’s news from the no shit, Sherlock files A 56-year-old man named Peter Emery from Pinellas Park, Florida probably wishes he could have a do-over. At the very least his colon is hoping for one. Emery is accused of stealing from a home where he was staying at what he thought were drugs. The pills in the bottle were labeled hydrocodone-acetaminophen, a highly addictive pain medication but instead, the bottle contained Equate laxatives. According to his arrest report, Emery

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Shaming Mental Health Victims

Shaming people with bipolar disorder for taking medication

“I would never take medication.” It’s something I’ve heard a lot in my life.   At age 23, I lost my mind overnight, but this isn’t about that. It’s about what resulted in the following years.   After this incident happened in college, I sought psychiatric help. I went through years of medication trials and therapy. I tried over 40 different medications looking for something to help my mental health. Because mental illness runs in my family, I was lucky

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Monoprice MP Mini Delta 3D Printer Review

Monoprice delta mini test prints review

My wife and I had a defective Original Prusa I3 MK3S printer with a leveling issue and support wouldn’t help us. It sucks because that was a really expensive printer but things worked out in the end. I put it up for sale on Offerup and sold it to a nice man who gave me some cash as well as a almost new Monoprice Delta Mini printer. Today I will be blogging my Monoprice MP Mini Delta 3D Printer Review.

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Legitimate ways to make money from home

Honest ways to earn money from home

Unfortunately, I really haven’t been able to work very much because of my health problems. However, I’ve tried many different websites and methods to make money from home and wanted to share them with you. That’s why I put together a book for those of you who are looking for legitimate ways to make money from home.   All these methods I’ve included in this Amazon Kindle e-book have been ones that have paid me money, and I find to

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Vraylar Review And Side Effects

Vraylar reviews for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia

Using Vraylar To Treat My Bipolar Disorder And Anxiety As I discussed earlier, I am back on medication for my mental health. The newest drug added to my regimen intrigues me the most since it is used for not only bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, but anxiety as well. That medication is called Vraylar, and today my doctor decided to increase me from Vraylar’s 1.5 mg capsule to the 3.0 mg capsule to hopefully get better results.   I decided to make

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Tomb Raider 2 Movie Sequel Starring Alicia Vikander Announced

Tomb raider two movie alicia vikander

  Alicia Vikander returns as Laura Croft in second Tomb Raider movie! Even though Warner Bros. remarkably found ways to screw up all the Tomb Raider movies thus far they’ve decided to make a sequel to the 2018 version starring Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft. Vikander’s Tomb Raider only brought in $274.7 million worldwide and was hated by critics. In my opinion, the reason we haven’t seen a good movie with the Lara Croft character is the writers have been

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Arizona eliminates homophobic 30-year-old law

Arizona bill SB1346

Thank you, Gov. Doug Ducey, for repealing this hurtful, discriminatory 30-year old law! A controversial Arizona law that banned HIV and AIDS instruction in schools that “promotes a homosexual lifestyle” was eliminated from Arizona law books earlier today via Senate Bill 1346.   After a quick vote by the Arizona Legislator Senate Bill 1346 which contains an amendment to repeal the provisions concerning homosexuality was fast-tracked to the office of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey earlier today.   Within minutes Gov.

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Hallmark deletes Lori Loughlin from show

Lori Loughlin update news hallmark removes her from when calls the heart

Have Mercy! Lori Loughlin Receives The Kevin Spacey Treatment Former Full House star and alleged college admissions bribery scandal participant Lori Laughlin has just been deleted from her show When Calls the Heart on the Hallmark Channel. After a long hiatus, the Hallmark Channel show returns tediously edited without the star on May 5th. When Calls the Heart producers reportedly had to get very creative and even do a few reshoots completely removing her character from the show. The network

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