I have become a victim of identity theft

Idenity theft can happen to anyone even poor people

Someone ruined my credit and possibly my life Unfortunately, this week I discovered that someone who I know thanks to video security surveillance opened up credit accounts in my name and defaulted on them. I had been getting collection calls for accounts I knew I…

Why you should watch HermanTheGreat on YouTube

My favorite YouTube vlogger Herman the great also referred to without the spaces as HermanTheGreat

I spend a lot of time on YouTube and wanted to share with you a little bit about one of my favorite small Youtuber friends I know one day will be a big Youtube star. He goes by HermanTheGreat on YouTube and he is very…

What is Phoenix Hempcon 2018

Phoenix hempcon June 2018 at Phoenix convention center

What is the Phoenix Hempcon? Marijuana is becoming widely accepted, and if you have been driving around Phoenix, Arizona the last month or two, you’ve probably seen at least a few signs on the side of the road advertising the Phoenix Hempcon 2018 cannabis business Expo….

The mental health stigma and why it’s taboo

It’s time to start talking about the mental health stigma Why don’t we ever talk about mental health here in America unless something bad happens? Every time there’s a mass shooting, school shooting or someone does something really stupid we blame it on mental illness….

Life changes are hard with a mental illness

If you’re like me and suffer from a debilitating even in the slightest change to your routine can wreak havoc on your life for months. Unfortunately, I found out yesterday that a few changes are coming my way and I’m just not ready at the…

Arizona firefighter battling cancer needs your help

I was browsing the Internet today and was touched by a news story I saw about an East Valley firefighter battling cancer in need of help. The story was so touching, in fact, I decided to try my best to bring some extra attention to…

My annual trip to Yuma Arizona

The 2017-2018 school year here in Arizona has ended and today my family completed our usual routine of dropping our kids off in Yuma, Arizona so they can spend the summer with my mother-in-law. This year my two daughters went with her and will be…

WWE Greatest Royal Rumble is a bonus Wrestlemania

2018 greatest Royal rumble is a bonus wrestlemania for WWE fans

On Friday the WWE will be holding it’s Greatest Royal Rumble live event in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This will be the WWE Network’s first main card event of the year and Vince McMahon is pulling out all the stops. On top of having…

The terrible lesson Arizona’s teacher walkout is teaching children

While I believe teachers and schools need more money a walkout is not the answer. On Thursday public schools all across the state of Arizona will close as a result of a teacher walkout. This walkout is different than the teacher strike which is illegal…

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