7 Days Til Chrismas

Look at that, only seven days to Christmas and I’m starting to feel better. Last night I took the kids out for a little bit, driving around looking for Christmas lights. We found a pretty good one called The Lights On Townley located at 3617 W Townley Ave Phoenix, AZ 85051. They did a great job with the lights and even provided great holiday music which lights were timed to. If you visit just tune your radio to 96.1 FM or 1120 AM enjoy the show.

I smiled all night because of how much my children enjoyed watching the wonderful light displays especially the one on Townley. Those people get it, Christmas is about finding a way to make people feel better and bring them joy in any way you can. The time we had last time was probably the highlight of my year and I hope I’m able to find other ways to re-create that special feeling when my little ones gaze upon something with that precious innocent wonder.

With a week to go I think I finally found my holiday cheer. Even with all the bad stuff that happened this year, this Christmas is going to be amazing because I’m with my family. God bless you and have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

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