Wow! A steampunk coffee machine! I’ve been obsessed with coffee the last month or two ever since I got a Keurig brewer. After years of avoiding what can only be described as liquid energy, I’ve come around to coffee at last. I saw a new coffee maker and was really shocked because science class glassware and Steampunk themes are not something you would generally associate with a warm cup of your favorite brown beverage.brewer.


Well, you might need a spiked latte or something harder after this.  Korean architects Dutch Labs have created a very interesting and expensive version of our favorite coffee pot.

Gothicism is a towering goliath of a drink maker, turning an early morning cupful of coffee into an artistic creation. The machine’s metallic curves stand at a one hundred twenty-degree angle, secured atop a triangular base, with ground coffee placed below a water dripper, eventually turning the glass flask at the bottom into a marvelous version of heavenly delight.

Dutch Labs doesn’t stop at Steampunk, either, offering up an assortment of coffee machine themes including King Kong and Big Ben, which maybe as close as some of us get to visit the landmarks themselves.

However, if you are in the mood for a cup of the really good stuff be prepared to shell out an eye-watering $7000! On the other hand, you could always save your money and get a Keurig and buy enough K-cups to last a lifetime.


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