9 Steps to Awesome! Living a Happy & Successful Life

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As you know I’m on the journey to figure out a way to make more money online. My mental issues have kept me from having a really high-paying job so I’m looking to the Internet to figure a way to supplement my income. Right now I’ve been reading some success books along with motivational books in order to help me once I finally do come up with an idea to make some money from something other than Adsense on my blogs. From what I’ve discovered there basically are just nine steps to success and if you have a solid plan while following these steps you should succeed and make money.

I want to share with you nine steps that you can tap into in order to feel amazing. To have clarity in your business, balance in your life, to spend time with friends and family and your life to make more money and have more of an impact in life by creating a successful ritual.

The nine things are:

1. Having Clarity: Knowing exactly how you spend your day and what you want to accomplish.

2. Commitment: When you have a clarity, commitment comes easier because you know where you want to go. Commitment eventually breeds success.

3. Vision: Envision how things will occur as you move forward

4. Action: Implementing and doing things that have a direct result on the success you want. You must be putting your plan into action.

5. Balance: Sometimes we get so busy we let our personal life fall off to the wayside. You need to find a balance between business and personal pleasure.

6. Small Steps: Don’t try to step up the plate and hit a home run like Babe Ruth on your first at bat. Small steps over time to help you achieve greatness. Focus on the small steps that will help you achieve whatever you’re after.

7. Daily Ritual: Just doing everything over and over until it becomes a habit.

8. Stake Your Claim!: Do not ask for it or wonder. If you wonder there will always be an opportunity for doubt. So stake your claim to success today.

9. Believe: Just believe that it can be. Believe that your plan is good and you can succeed.

I’m still trying to figure out the way to make some money, but with this I feel like it might be easier to come up with a plan of action because with my bipolar disorder I really love to have some structure,

Thanks for reading.


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