A large fire destroyed my family’s South Phoenix transmission shop

South Phoenix transmission shop Harolds transmissions burned down

Wind-fueled fire destroys Harold’s Sons Transmission shop

It saddened me to learn an electrical fire caused my family’s auto repair shop Harold’s Sons Transmissions to burn down on Thursday. Well know in South Phoenix Harold’s Sons Transmission was located at 1539 W. Broadway Rd in Phoenix, AZ. My father Harold Smalley started it decades ago calling it Harold’s Transmissions. Once he retired ownership passed to my oldest brother Mike Smalley and his son Mikey. Soon after they changed the name since 3 of my brothers still worked there.
The “Shop” as we called it was a big part of my life. I had to help out there growing up and even occasionally worked there as an adult. It truly was a family business as it rarely employed people other than my relatives. Auto repair is hard and due to my health issues it turned out not to be the life for me. However, I still visited them when I had a car issue or just wanted to chat. Also, I would refer everyone I knew because they were honest and did quality work at an affordable price.

Looking towards the future and money issues

I’m not sure what happens now. Harold’s Sons was completely destroyed and insurance won’t cover the loss. I feel bad for my family especially my dad who is now wheelchair bound and lost his legacy. Also, my brother Mike who has had serious health issues for a while now and has been in need of oxygen tanks. It remains to be seen exactly how they will make ends meet or even cover the costs of customer vehicles.
You never expect things like this to happen so please let this serve as a lesson on why you need up to date fire insurance.
While I’m hoping for a miracle I’m open to suggestions on how to help them. I’m not a fan of GoFundMe but will put a Paypal link below if you want to help. I may try to do a car wash or something in a bit. Thanks for reading and please stay safe!


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