A lesson in mindfulness



We all wear a costume of our essential nature. It’s a powerful costume. Providing us with our thinking mind, identity, and awareness of life’s situations. My relationship to the world has evolved and is now based on mindfulness. Mindfulness is just another way to say paying attention to the present moment. We are aware of that moment calmly acknowledging and accepting it nonjudgmentally and compassionately.

Practicing mindfulness I came to the realization the things we practice daily will only grow stronger over time and eventually consume us.

Are you practicing judgment, impatience, frustration? Are you speaking negativity and hate into the world? Do you live in fear or anger?

If you practice compassion there’s no room for shame and guilt. Each morning try putting your hand on your chest and you say I love you. With repeated practice, we learn to undress, not from the costume completely but from the yuckiness and essence, the costume brings. The costume may stay on but it will become more playful and light. Our attachment to the costume, the identifying with it and the strong sense of need for it will lessen.

Your new trust in life without the costume will not be based on an image or outcome of your liking. This trust will show you all things work in harmony when we stop interfering or desiring things to be other than the way life wishes them to be. We will be completely disarmed by our new trust and enter a complete state of surrender. To live in this space of neutrality is not a state of unfeeling but a true opening of your heart.

You will become comfortable with this uncertainty and even over time welcome it. You will move out of our comfort zone and face the uncertainty and the challenges it brings with a smile. The old drive for comfort, control, and certainty only left us in a state of perpetual frustration. However, by embracing uncertainty you no longer are dependent on people, places, things, or circumstances for your fulfillment and happiness.

True happiness comes from the life force within you. This awareness (mindfulness) when present can differentiate the validity of thoughts life brings daily. It allows you to physically feel and connect to your body while separating you from your never ending negative thoughts. Over time this control over your mind will lead to peace and the natural flow of life force within you.

For example, the air you feel going in and out of your nostrils is different than the knowledge of the air moving in and out of you. The shoreline is made up of sand and water but only when both are combined. This realization is the key to all relationships with others. We share subjective and separate opinions but also the same awareness and life force. We’re like the water and they’re the sand, together we make up the shoreline.

Your life force will broaden your ability to examine the differences between yourself and others. Your new honest and unjudging view of others will allow for connections that celebrate the differences. Not asking or needing the world to make you happy is the foundation of happiness. Once you become more comfortable with the unfolding and uncertainty the world brings you will discover the beauty inside you and others.


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